Important Social Media Platform Updates—December 2017

Posted by Chloe Partikas from Ogilvy Healthworld — London, UK on December 20, 2017

Some important updates from social media platforms over the last few weeks that will directly affect creative development and ad execution. 

Facebook—Engagement Bait Posts


What is happening? 

Facebook has announced that "starting this week, [they] will begin demoting individual posts from people and pages that use engagement bait." 


This means they will down-rank pages that publish engagement bait, eg:

- LIKE this if...

- Comment if you...

- Tag someone who...

- Share this if...

- Share this if...



Why are they doing this?

Facebook wants to rid the platform of these cheap engagement posts.

We know pages use them because they provide easy engagement spikes that initially appear impressive, but they are very short-term results with a lack of long-term business impact.


How do we stay ahead of this?

This comes back to ensuring we are always looking at the key objectives and keeping them front of mind throughout the whole content strategy, creative, and production process.


It is easy in social media to be distracted by the shiny vanity metrics of a thousand likes here or there, but we must stay focused on driving tangible value that will help our clients look great and show that we have a shared interest in them achieving their key goals.


We should never ever be advocating these types of posts to clients—we don't run LADbible's meme pages and, therefore, it is not appropriate.


Questions to ask:

Do we want to inform our audience?

Infographics and short, engaging videos work well in this space


Do we want to drive traffic to a HCP/patient/specialist microsite?

Link posts and carousels, which are both optimised for traffic, are your friend here


Read more:

2. Facebook—Customising Link Posts (Ads)


What is happening? 

Facebook has confirmed that the ability to edit link posts (image attached, headline, and subhead) for ALL pages will be removed in “Early Q1 2018.” This means that customising links, even in ad link posts, will only preview as is pulled from the page directly. 


Why does this matter?

As we know—back in the golden days—well, early this year in reality, 2017 has felt looonnngggggg—you could edit the image preview, headline, and subhead of all link posts to your heart’s (and creative directors’) content.


It is key to be able to tailor these post aspects as, in most cases, your desired headline or image preview is not what is pulled through automatically from the website you’re linking to—and when you want to A/B test how different headlines will perform with your target audiences, customisation is key.


In an effort to combat the spread of fake news, Facebook has stamped this out. Currently, you can only tailor these parts on ad posts created with Power Editor — but not for much longer.


If we want to be clear in the copy when directing our audience to click through to a HCP/patient/device focused website — it will be affected, so it is important to stay abreast of this.


For example: In the following post, we would not have been able to tailor the headline “Learn about the types, testing and diagnosis here.” 



What can you do to get around this? 

Complete the Domain Verification process ASAP, as documented here.

Through Business Manager, the Domain Verification process provides a way for you to claim ownership of the domain your business owns. 


Questions to be answered?

It is still unclear if you can verify multiple domains—for example, your primary website and then HCP and patient microsites.


3. Twitter—Image and Video Polls 


What is happening? 

Twitter has started testing image and video polls, as have been requested by brands and personal users for years. Up until now, polls were text only—not the most engaging format. 



Why are they doing this?

This will provide a new way to easily engage with your audience and to get valuable feedback when you are thinking about new products to launch, new ideas, and to find out which content types your audience are keen for more of.