Keeping our eye on the prize

Posted by Skot Kremen from Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide — North America on January 24, 2018

In daily agency life, we work with a ton of great clients. It’s one of the perks of working here.


Our most important job is for us to serve our clients in the best way possible. The optimal way to do this may differ based on our role within the company, but there should always be one main focus. We just have to keep our eye on the prize.


What is the prize? It’s the Key Performance Indicator (KPI).

The KPI is a quantifiable measure that a company uses to determine how well it meets the organization’s operational and strategic goals. These indicators usually follow industry-wide standards and best practices. It’s our job to stay on top of those benchmarks and ensure our efforts hit the mark.


The KPI should be the single directive that will ensure success for our client, but how do we get to that directive? When creating any digital project, it’s actually quite simple. 

The single directive is a combination of three things:

1. Asking the right questions and listening to all facets of the answers
2. Doing the research and figuring out how to do this in a holistic way
3. Employing the tactics (based on the research), making sure that we stick to the overall strategy

Why does a client decide to choose an agency to facilitate a digital project? It’s because agencies bring something to the table that becomes more than just building a website; it’s being a digital partner who can provide diverse perspectives and a bevy of unique ideas grounded in knowledge and expertise. 

Then, we take our bevy of ideas and refine them into the one targeted solution.


Again, the perfect solution is never just, “I need a website!” A website is only a pathway to solving the problem. The solution is figuring out what the website is supposed to do. 

Is the goal to:

1. Increase awareness?

2. Provide access to a formulary?

3. Highlight efficacy data?

4. Or something completely different? 

We don’t know the answer, but by actively listening to our clients and compiling research, agencies have a plethora of tools to uncover it. Once we find that answer, we should accept it as the gold standard in generating success. As a team, we can achieve success on a digital deliverable by exploring the following avenues:


• Analyze the current landscape

• Develop the ecosystem

• Nail down the prime KPI

Content Strategy:

• Perform a content audit

• Build a content matrix

• Develop an SEO platform

• Build out what content effectively pushes the KPI

• Construct the content outline

User Experience:

• Build the information architecture

• Create use cases which encourage success within the KPI

• Build out wireframes

• Construct a UX prototype if applicable

• Test the prototype, then when you’re done…test it again


• Create the manuscript

• Tweak the copy to ensure that good SEO is utilized in both content as well as metadata

• Make sure that the content is readable and accessible to providing a great SEO result


• Pick photography

• Design the key pages

• Ensure that the design of the site keeps the laser focus of delivering on the KPI

• Be brave (this is very important in creative)
This means that a digital project shouldn’t be a lift from a print piece. Digital projects should communicate in a fashion that works for the platform; sometimes this might require utilizing new assets.


This might mean that all teams have to make their case for a specific course of action. It’s not enough for our work to be great. It’s important to focus on the “why” as much as the “what.”


More often than not, we think of digital projects as paintings. Teams add layer upon layer of content to fill a space. We should think more like sculpture—start with a large block and chip away until only the perfect piece remains.


Think simple. It works.