The health behavior change specialists of Ogilvy

At Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide, a WPP Health & Wellness company, we create inspiring solutions and deliver programs that address our clients’ health challenges.

Our expertize extends across all areas of consumer health and health-related communications – advertising and promotion, brand identity and development, digital marketing, market access, medical education, PR, and strategy and planning – and all platforms of delivery.

We openly collaborate with our clients to gather powerful insights about their brands, their market challenges and how to engage with their customers. Our community then uses these insights to form the strategies, fuel the creative ideas and build the innovative solutions that define the content of the programs that we deliver.

From relationship marketing and data analytics through to sales training and scientific communications, at Ogilvy you’ll find a community that’s dedicated to growing brands and making a difference.

By creating solutions that do more than inform audiences we open people’s minds and change health behavior.


  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Pharmacy
  • Diabetes and metabolism
  • Child health
  • Oncology
  • Neurology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Infectious diseases
  • Public health
  • Immune disorders
  • Respiratory diseases
  • Transplantation
  • Medical devices and diagnostics
  • Pain management
  • Dermatology
  • Digestive health
  • Women’s health
  • Vaccines
  • Rare disease
  • Consumer health


The 8 habits guiding all of us
at Ogilvy

In the unique and sometimes challenging arena that is ‘health’, these habits help shape our community and are practised by all of us at Ogilvy. They shape our attitudes, approach to solving client challenges, work and relationships.

  • Courage



    We know how to have the difficult and delicate conversations around health, and can find the right words for clients, their customers and healthcare professionals.

    In the absence of courage, nothing worthwhile can be accomplished.

  • Idealism

    Raise your sights. Blaze new trails.
    Compete with the immortals.”

    David Ogilvy

    The people who want to improve their health and the health of others, are the ones who do. We recruit them to OCHWW.

  • Curiosity



    The digital explosion has connected people with their health like never before.

    At Ogilvy we actively seek out and immerse ourselves in new technologies. We embrace their potential and study how people interact with them to identify new ways of helping consumers make informed choices and ultimately, change their health behavior.

  • Playfulness

    We are all born children.
    The trick is to remain one.”

    Pablo Picasso

    You’ll find playfulness in our approach, our ideas and even in the workspaces surrounding us.

    Gamification makes the most of a person’s natural inclination towards fun and competition, and is providing us with new and engaging ways to convey serious health messages more powerfully than ever before.

  • Candor



    To solve problems and inspire health change we have to be brutally honest, ethical and compliant in all markets around the world.

    We admire people who speak their minds and behave with integrity. At the same time we admire people who listen more than they talk, and make a real effort to understand views that are different from their own.

  • Intuition



    If we understand, explain and predict the actions of an individual and the relationships between healthcare professional, patients and the public we can achieve the desired outcome.

  • Free-Spiritedness

    Where people aren’t having any fun,
    they seldom produce good work.”

    David Ogilvy

    It is the habit that gives each of us permission to be the best at what we do and when we are ill – even with a minor condition – it is the habit that we miss the most.

  • Persistence

    Never give in. Never give
    in. Never give in. Never.
    Never. Never.”

    David Ogilvy



Matt Giegerich

Matt Giegerich

Ultimately our business is about people. I am responsible not only for the global success of Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide but also people’s personal success. We’ve created a community where people want to come to work, where people feel supported, trusted and familiar with teams around the world. When clients work with us, they can feel the energy that this environment creates.

Our industry is changing at a faster pace than any of us ever imagined. Not only are the healthcare needs of populations evolving but the role of technology and speed of information exchange has changed the way people consume health-related content: from reading about health innovations online to wearing a fit-bit that provides data about personal activity, there is now an endless stream of health information available.

At the same time our clients and their needs are changing rapidly too. We have to be even more astute scientifically, clinically and creatively. As the global market place evolves they are increasingly looking for coordinated solutions for their brands. These are exciting challenges that keep us on our toes.

It’s a pretty cool and exciting era for health communications.

“Matt is one of the most inspiring people I’ve had the privilege of working for, he’s not only an astute professional with decades of proven expertise but one of those rare leaders who put people and the work firmly ahead of profits. This trait has enabled a global fraternity of like-minded professionals.”
— Rohit Sahgal

“It is very pleasing for me to know the most important person of this company is always willing to help me.”
— Denise Israel


Matt Giegerich

Chairman & CEO
+1 9733524070

Denise Israel

Denise Israel

We are very proud and passionate about the work that we are doing in Brazil. In recent years, Ogilvy Healthworld Brazil has matured into regionally strong community. This is most evident in our digital offering, which has grown from 10% of the business to more than 70% in 5 years. To keep up with this pace of change, we react and adapt. By doing this, our local community has country-leading expertize in strategy, creative and digital.

For us, working together as an integrated region and being efficient is critical. We’ve assembled a team of professionals with different expertize, and from various locations across Latin America, who work together to develop macro strategies that respect the individuality of each region. The effectiveness of our approach is visible in our production: award winning and internationally recognised work that has positively changed awareness about the health of people in Brazil.

“Denise is a great partner and collaborator. On global programmes she brings me the right team, the knowledge and the stakeholders from Brazil to engage in the global programme. And when campaigns are led out of LatAm, she always leads with creative and inspiring ideas.” — Gloria Gibbons


Denise Israel

Managing Director São Paulo
+55 1130249088

Gloria Gibbons

Gloria Gibbons

People want to work with us because we have the talent and experience to deliver a broad range of services at a global, regional and local level.

The healthcare market is changing all the time and it’s changing rapidly. Not only are we delivering ‘industry firsts’ with our innovation and creativity for healthcare professionals, we are increasingly having to talk to the consumer – not the patient – about their health.

We are in an excellent position to have these conversations as we can blend our health expertize with those of the consumer specialists at Ogilvy & Mather. A recent example of this partnership in action was in Russia. Our client needed a program grounded in health but with shopper and commerce expertise. Working closely with O&M we delivered an outstanding solution that changed health behavior and won a coveted Lion at the world’s biggest celebration of creativity in communication, the Cannes Festival.

“Gloria is a consummate professional par excellence who has worked extremely hard in creating a sterling reputation both amongst her people and her client partners. An absolute delight to work with, and someone who always gives it a 100%.”
— Rohit Sahgal


Gloria Gibbons

President EAME
+44 203 193 2410

Rohit Sahgal

Rohit Sahgal

We pride ourselves on balancing innovation with strict industry regulations. Asia Pacific is a rapidly changing region with a geographical spread that includes the developed healthcare markets of Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore as well as the Asian giants – China and India. This diversity is challenging but it’s also a region where some of the greatest opportunities lie.

By identifying the similarities between markets and respecting individuality we have built a strong leadership in health communications across the region. The introduction of our proprietary insights tool ‘FusionHealth’ and continued excellence in health-specialist creativity has kept us apace with all the markets.

We’re already witnessing the rise of the informed Asian patient; patients who are self-aware of their health and who counter prescribed treatment from their doctors. In response we are seeing the role of pharmacy being redefined, as well as an increasing need for ‘virtual doctors’.

As we look to the future, there is no doubt that the health industry in Asia Pacific is poised for greatness and we’ll be there supporting it.

“Rohit’s flexibility and adaptability is obvious in his ability to navigate all those different cultures, and he does it seamlessly and effortlessly.”
— Matt Giegerich


Rohit Sahgal

Regional Managing Director, Singapore & Asia Pacific
+65 65515276